Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day Seven - 27th May 2010

Our last session of the spring, and (you guessed it) the weather was far from ideal - after several preceding days of promising conditions, Thursday was all about the westerlies, aka the devil's wind in skywatching terms. So a short and sweet four hours or so on the roof with no large raptors for company unfortunately, but the beeb again instead (this time for a BBC London piece, apparently to be aired next Tuesday).

And, of course, Peregrines - who frankly make it all worthwhile on their own. Somewhat reminiscent of a poor seawatch but with close-up plunging Gannets for compensation.

Also recorded - a House Martin, plenty of Swifts, and an extraordinarily high Grey Heron heading SSW. Check back soon for a summary of sightings throughout the spring.

Mark Pearson

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