Sunday, August 8, 2010


.... to the story of a full season's bird study from one of London's tallest skyscrapers. Throughout the spring of 2010, I was the lead observer and recorder on the summit of the former NatWest tower, which rises imposingly from the very heart of the capital.

You'll find the full details and photos of each session described below, in chronological order, as it happened. Each of the six-hour sessions was covered by myself, and usually a couple of other observers, some of whom made it up the tower more than once during the season - thanks to them for their assistance.

It began modestly, but for the few dedicated and willing to put in the time, the neckache and eye-strain were more than worth it by the end, and some memorable avian experiences were enhanced by an epic and vertigo-inducing panorama of the city.

(Note that this journal covers exclusively the first season of observation from the tower, and is not affiliated with subsequent projects, blogs or observations that followed after its initial publication. All content and photos are copyright of the author.)

Click on the photos to see a larger version, and enjoy the journal.

Mark Pearson

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